The 2019 Theme

The Hackathon will build capacity in terms of new skills and also help the teams understand and outline policy and regulations in the process. Whether it's Civic Tech, business/enterprise, communal based solutions, GKHack19 challenges local techies and innovators to build with sustainability in mind.

A team may choose to build a solution from one of the aspects outlined below. GKHack19 is a platform to drive the shift for local techies and innovators to have a better capacity in developing innovation that takes up, market aligned and sustainable.

#GKHack19 - Be There Or Be Told


Gauteng Province


29 Nov - 01 Dec 2019


Fri, 18:00 - Sun, 15:00


Techies, Designers, Gov

It's an African thing

South Africa

Why Attend #GKHack19...

The Geekulcha Annual Hackathon is the hottest Geek social event of the year that is a must attend and promises a jam-packed line-up.

Code The Talk Into Action In 42 Hours

Either solo or with a team, put your skills to the test and improve. Code a Most Viable Product(MVP).

Build Something That Matters For Masses

What you build during #GKHack19 has the pontential to bring about change, a solution to a problem.

Connect with other Geeks & Industry

Industry leaders are invited to come guide, point to tools and you can interact with other Geeks to learn.

Show&Tell what you built to the Judges

After 42 hours of Code and building, present and stand to win the cool prizes of the Hackathon

National Public Service - IgniteHack

First cabinet-approved hackathon in South Africa fused with GKHack18

The Ignite Hackathon took place on 28 - 30 September as part of the Service Delivery month at the University of Johannesburg Kingsway Campus, Auckland Park with 200 Geeks taking part.

The Top 3 Teams:

   1). Team Guardian
   2). UJTechnoLabBeta
   3). Datawizzards

The CPSI is the custodian of IgniteHack and working on helping the teams to - to get the solutions into the hands of users.

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Previous GKHacks

Bringing African Geeks together to build what matters

27 - 29 June 2014

Themed Making life easy... very first continental of the editions hosted at The Innovation Hub.


27 - 29 June 2015

Themed Hire Geeks, a mission to help more Geeks hired... hosted at T-Systems in Mindrand.


24 - 26 June 2016

Themed Smart Growing World... local Geeks got imagine and build solutions to help adapt.


29 - 01 October 2017

Collaborative Digital Economy... hosted at the Liberty Group, solutions for various sectors.


Highlighted Projects/Startups

Creating and Enabling impact through Hackathons

Info4Africa App
Info4Africa App

Mobile channels are created, expand, evolve and sometimes fail, but their central purpose – to facilitate engagement and communication – remains the same. AAT draws on this as a purposeful planning principle, enabling the development team to maintain a single core of regulatory business logic (read: CPA and PoPI compliant!) through a central hosted database while exposing the vital information across multiple device agnostic channels.


Nkululeko Ntuzi created a product, called Bulatsela, uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning features to interpret surroundings.

“It helps detect objects and obstacles, creates a path and provides feedback to the blind person,”

Smart Water Tank
Smart Water Tank

and his three friends have created a prototype of a smart water tank that saves water by enabling water users to digitally select the amount of water they need. It then releases the exact amount of water required. In cases of errors resulting in water spills‚ it would not be wasted.


Act NDP" App that gives young people the ability to connect with government and youth

Open Kasi
Open Kasi

OpenKasi provides accounting solution for township vendors - stock management, analytics dashboard, turnover

Moringa IoT
Moringa IoT

They use IoT and Moringa to improve food security.

Sponsors And Partners

The following are the organizations helping make the Geekulcha Annual Hackathon possible. Your organization can also help support, check the Sponsor #GKHack19.


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